Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mini Double Decker Candy Bin Wedding Favor

If you're looking for a unique wedding favor that will wow and delight your guests, here's an idea that I love.  Its a Mini Double Decker Candy Bin made of plastic.  It comes with a small silver colored scoop and has 2 openings -- one at the top and one on the front bottom.  You can fill it with just about anything -- jelly beans, M&Ms, mints, hard candies, wrapped candies, etc.  And, your guests are done with eating whats inside of them, they can keep them and reuse them again and again!  Super cute idea and very versatile as far as wedding favors or party favors go.  The picture here shows the mini double decker candy bin filled with pink and brown jelly beans and the candy container is wrapped in pink satin ribbon with a personalized gift tag on the front.